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Before starting a project, we do check for details from the customers. Understanding their business, getting details and requirements. Here are few required steps we do, before getting a project startup.

  1. Understanding the domain and requirements.
  2. Understanding the online and marketing budget.
  3. Analyzing online development.
  4. Plan for development, marketing and cost.
  5. Deliver the project.

Here is our starting price. You may choose for full development with maintenance or just marketing and development.

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GS provides different type of packages for Online Startup. There is no limitations or exact budget range, our development is done to the best possible in the budget setup during project discussion. But mainly we have 4 development packages available as following:

  1. Bronze Package: Purely Online Website Development or Monthly Ads Services.
  2. Silver Package: Online Website Development or Upgrade and Social Media Creation Assistant with Monthly Maintenance.
  3. Gold Package: Online Website and Social Media Development with Online Marketing and monthly maintenance.
  4. Platinum Package: Online Website and Social Media Development with Online Marketing in Partnership with gsOnlineStartup. Content creations, promotions, online orders and improvements are maintained by GS.
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To get more ideas and guides about development, please feel free to contact us info@gsonlinestartup.com